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Textra SMS PRO (MOD, Unlocked) |

Android is an open-source OS and is usually utilized in the market today. due to open source, devices that use this OS allow third-party software to intervene deep inside, to customize and modify some features/interfaces consistent with the requirements of the people use. Textra SMS may be a delicious application that permits you to vary the default messaging application on Android. it's many useful features, supporting you in composing messages and chatting together with your partners or friends. Although there are many other messaging applications being released for free of charge , Textra SMS remains selected and trusted by users to use. Currently, this application has quite 10 million downloads and 4.5/5 rating points.

Simple interface

Textra SMS has been designed with a flat interface, very easy to use but it's not boring with advanced installation features. It supports the Popup display feature quite nicely. Sometimes someone texted you, rather than displaying an easy notification on the screen or Notification notification bar, this app will display alittle window on the screen (you can see the avatar of the person sending) and you'll move this window to any position on the screen, or tap to display the conversation with them. About this feature, Textra SMS is sort of almost like Messenger. It also allows you to vary the background color of the conversation with thousands of various colors, not finite like Messenger. However, the finite point of this application isn't to support horizontal keyboard rotation when texting.


Emoji: Emoticons are an integral a part of every conversation. It helps you express your feelings together with your friends. Textra SMS has quite 2000 emoticons, from facial expressions: happy, sad, excited, emotional, angry, … vehicles: motorcycles, bicycles, cars, airplanes until animals: chickens, dogs, cats, cows, birds, pigs, … However, once you first install the appliance , it only includes emoticon packs. If you've got needing to use any icon pack, you'll download it, avoid installing all icon packs but not using it. this may waste memory.

Bubble options: Textra SMS has over 20 sorts of bubbles with unique shapes to settle on from. Any content you send, otherwise you get from someone are going to be wrapped in these bubbles.

Custom colors: A conversation will become more interesting if you'll customize the colour for love or money . does one want blue bubbles? Yellow text that color should be red? It’s simple, attend the settings, choose: Color Theme, Text Color or Bubble Color and choose your favorite color.

Schedule: If you're a scatterbrain , otherwise you have too many schedules, you'll use the Schedule feature of Textra SMS. First, select the “Schedule” feature within the toolbar at rock bottom of the screen. then , you'll name the schedule, choose a selected date /month/year and time. the appliance will notify you half-hour beforehand when your schedule starts. However, if you would like to line the schedule faster, you only got to type during a time within the message section, the appliance will display a message to ask if you would like to schedule for this point or not? Smart, useful and straightforward to use.

In addition, the appliance also has another useful features. it'll display notifications for successful or failed messaging, automatically save image/video files within the app’s cargo area , support voice input, support MMS messages, allows you to send photos, video and audio messages quickly. However, if you download the Textra SMS application on Google Play, it'll display tons of ads, but if you download it during this article, we'll remove most ads to stop you from being bothered.

Download Textra SMS RPO (MOD, Unlocked)

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